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Duafe Bellies, LLC is a wholistic maternal, postpartum and beyond company specializing in doula care, postpartum support, counseling, childbirth education and womb wellness care. These services are designed to educate, support, empower and encourage women to follow their needs and create a supportive community.

Herbal Vaginal Steaming Session

25+ Health Benefits  

 Abnormal Growths in the Womb, Infertility, Hormonal & Menstrual Disorders, Emotional, Spiritual & Mental Imbalances


Supports the complete & long-term healing of the following:

1. Pulls toxins out of the body

2. Alleviates abdominal pain/pressure

3. Relieves menstrual cramps

4. Regenerates damaged tissues

5. Improves vaginal tightness

6. Helps hemorrhoids

7. Helps with feminine odor

8. Helps womb absorb herbal medicines into the bloodstream

9. Regulates menses

10. Relieves heavy menstruation

11. Balances hormone levels

12. Jump starts detoxifying sensors to kill off fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites

13. Stimulates growth of white blood cells and antibodies

14. Sweating creates cardio benefits

15. Mood stabilization

16. Strengthens the uterus

17. Detoxifies the womb to remove excess waste which contributes to cysts, fibroids, cancers, and tumors

18. Relieves menopausal symptoms

19. Facilitates emotional purging

20. Helps align chakras

21. Builds self-esteem

22. Releases stagnant energy and stimulates creativity

23. Supports lymphatic health

24. Assists with fluid retention

25. Strengthens communication

26. Stimulation of healthy sexual energy

27. Reduction and elimination of abnormal growths in the womb with consistent use

28. Releases cellular memories of sexual and physical traumas

29. Helps women conceive

30. Speeds up recovery of childbirth

*All information provided is based upon research, data collection and method used for vaginal steaming,